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This cat/kitten is being sold as Pet / Show      Breed: ____________

Color: ________ Sex: ______

 D.O.B.:________ TICA: ___________

Selling Price: _______   Deposit: __________     CFA:  ___________

Kittens’ health is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours. No exchange will be considered unless return of kitten is accompanied by a WRITTEN statement from a licensed veterinarian stating that something is medically wrong with the kitten DURING THIS TIME PERIOD. NO OTHER GUARANTEE APPLIES. NO GUARANTEE AGAINST ANY TYPES OF PARASITES, INTERNAL OE EXTERNAL, as all animals get these. Guarantee is limited to exchange only, NO CASH REFUND. If a comparable kitten is not available then one will be replaced with the next litter. Additions/Exceptions:  Purchaser has 72 hours in which to have the kitten vet checked.  If anything is found to be medically and/or genetically wrong, seller will exchange said kitten minus delivery fee (if applies). All Veterinarian Bills are sole responsibility of the buyer at the time said kitten leave my home._________

Kittens will have been vaccinated at least 4 to 5 shots, wormed, and altered before going to a new forever home unless otherwise stated. Please continue to get all vaccines as your new kitten must have them.

Kittens cannot digest milk unless it is their mothers. Giving kitten milk will make them very sick and can actually kill them. So Please No Milk! We feed our babies & cats Purina Naturals kibble. When changing your kitten food do so gradually so there will be less chances of upsetting their stomach.

 By inquiring about a cat or kitten for sale or adoption from SPHYNX BABES Cattery, I agree and will abide to SPHYNX BABES Cattery’s policies and terms of all sales contracts posted on their website, I also understand and agree that SPHYNX BABES Cattery reserves the right to refuse or cancel any verbal or written sale or adoption for any reason or no reason and that I will accept these terms and will release any claim to said cat/kitten. NO CASH REFUNDS!! DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE NO EXCEPTIONS!!

The purchaser shall pay to the seller $_______ plus shipping (if needed) for the kitten.  A non-refundable deposit of $_______ is agreed upon to be held on said kitten.  The balance due of $________ plus shipping shall be paid one week before delivery of kitten.  All Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Purchaser Agrees to the following conditions of sale:

  1. Under no circumstances after 72 hours will seller be obligated to allow kitten to be returned.  NO CASH REFUNDS AT ALL!!! However, if kitten should die from a genetic defect within two (2) year from the date of birth, seller will replace with kitten that seller deems to be of equal value and quality.  HCM scan guarantee is good for FIVE (2) years on your kitten. Kitten/Cat must be HCM scanned yearly for guarantee to be any good and a copy must be sent to SPHYNX BABES yearly or guarantee will be voided. A detailed autopsy from a licensed vet as proof of death from a defect will be required to be provided by the purchaser to the seller. 
  1. Under no circumstances will this kitten or its offspring be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility. If the kitten/ cat is purchased as a show kitten/ or  pet/  purchaser agrees to give the seller back said kitten/ cat before doing anything to said kitten/ cat to another party. Or will be in violation of this said contract. Buyer agrees to never send said kitten/ cat to a 3rd party or shelter or sale!! With no refund or exchange of money!! No Questions asked!!
  1. Adequate indoor sanitary facilities will be provided and this kitten WILL NOT be allowed to roam freely outdoors EVER.
  1.  Should seller determine that said kitten is willfully or grossly neglected or mistreated, the seller may repossess the kitten and all other provisions of this contract are null and voided
  1. Purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility for the kitten from the time of delivery/leaves my home!!!  All medical expenses incurred or other expenses, if any, will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  1. Unforeseeable circumstances such as but not limited to divorce, relocation, and/or death of the caretaker can occur, leaving a pet homeless. Buyer agrees that under NO circumstances will the kitten/cat EVER be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility. Should Buyer not be able to keep the above kitten/cat for any reason, including the incapacitation or death of the Buyer (purchaser), the Seller has the FIRST option to take said kitten/cat back at no charge including shipping to be rehome or kept by SPHYNX BABES no questions asked. Buyer (purchaser) will at no time resell, lease, and give away or otherwise transfer ownership without written permission from the Seller (SPHYNX BABES). This remains in effect for the ENTIRE life of the kitten/cat.
  1. Seller does not guarantee against fleas, fungus, ringworm or mites as these are very treatable and so common in cats that the seller (SPHYNX BABES) is unable to guarantee against them.
  1. Administration of the FELV or FIV vaccination will immediately render this contract void.  There are too many adverse reactions to these vaccinations and the seller WILL NOT guarantee the health of this kitten if these vaccinations are administered.
  1. The seller WILL COVER FIP for SIX (6) months from date of birth~ FIP comes from a mutation of a feline intestinal virus (FECV) and no one can pinpoint when or where a cat was exposed to the virus and at what point it mutated into FIP. Some cats can be exposed to FECV and never develop FIP. The current means of testing for FIP has a high rate of false positives. Also, if you vaccinate your kitten against FIP, the test for FIP will always come back as positive even though your kitten may not actually have the disease. Your kittens come with a 72 hour health guarantee AGAINST genetic DISEASE!!! FIP IS NOT GENETIC!!   !!NO CASH REFUNDS!! REPACEMENT KITTEN ONLY & ONLY 1 REPLACEMENT WILL EVER BE GIVEN!! Said kitten must be returned to Sphynx Babes at buyers cost and shipping is also buyers’ responsibility!!!
  1. No paper work will be given if kitten is being sold as pet only unless otherwise stated!! Only a copy of pedigree will be given!! And copy of paperwork. Unless you plan to show your kitten.
  1. Buyer (purchaser) agrees to keep kitten/cat quarantined for a period of 7 days from other cats or kittens. If kitten/cat has not been kept quarantined, warranty is void.
  1. The Seller (Sphynx Babes) will have completed all of the age-appropriate vaccinations, worming and medical examining by the time of purchase. If the Buyer (purchaser) chooses to vaccinate for the Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP, ringworm, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), the warranty is null and VOID. Also, Seller (Sphynx Babes) does not warranty the kitten/cat against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations.
  1. Buyer agrees this cat will not be declawed. To declaw a cat, the first digit of the toe is removed and is extremely painful. In humans, it has been compared to the removable of the finger to the first joint. Declawing may cause improper potty behavior (refusal to use litter box) due to possible permanent nerve damage in the paws. This is due to the cat associating using the litter box with pain from the hard litter so it looks for alternate, softer places to potty.
  1. Declawing may also alter a cat's personality, temperament, health and ability to walk. It may result in improper social behavior since removing a cat's first line of defense; it may resort to biting to protect itself when threatened. It also leaves them defenseless against dogs should the unforeseeable happen and the cat escapes the house. Declawing puts Buyer (purchaser) in default of contract.


  1. Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in Trumbull County, Ohio, USA. Buyer (purchaser) shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney's fees associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract.  Failure to honor any part of this contract shall result in the penalty of $1,500.00 payable to the seller of kitten. In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above. The laws of the State of Ohio shall be controlling.
  2. Said kitten will be altered at sellers’ expense at 16 weeks unless otherwise stated prior to leaving my home. 

   Seller Signature: __________________________________           Date:_____________________

   Buyer Signature: __________________________________           Date:______________________